DIY Wedding Seat Sign

So let me preface this post by stating that I recently got married at the end of August. My mind was overwhelmed the entire year leading up to our wedding day. Pinterest ideas, wedding instagram accounts, DIY decorations… you name it, I thought about it. It was never-ending. I literally had a one track mind during the last year and it was all wedding stuff, 24/7. Needless to say, I am ecstatic that it is all behind me now! I had so much fun planning and crafting, don’t get me wrong, but it is so nice to not have to have it lingering over my head anymore. Now that I got that out of the way, I’m going to be doing a few posts on some of the decor and crafts that I made for our special day! I used a ton of different resources and kind of took a little something from everything I saw to make my own version of whatever it was.

Today’s craft, a find your seat sign! Everyone always has an awesome way of displaying guests names… whether it’s an old window with names written on it or corks with small name tags and your table number stuck in them. It’s like an unwritten rule that you have to come up with something creative nowadays! I saw a sign very similar to this one on Pinterest that I knew was something I wanted to have so I did my version of that. This was super easy to make and I absolutely loved the vibe that it gave off in our venue.

All in all, it cost roughly $30 to make. Here are the steps I took…

  1. I bought a piece of thin sheet wood from Home Depot that was around $15. It did not need to be sanded, so I went ahead and stained it right away. I chose a darker stain color and just bought a mini paint can size which surprisingly was enough stain for the whole piece.
  2. After that, I had to assemble the “find your seat” sign for the top of the board. Home Depot sells large pieces of chalkboard, so I bought one of those ($10) and cut off a small 6 inch wide piece of it. My dad later nailed it into the top of the wood piece. I took a chalkboard marker and wrote “find your seat” in a fake calligraphy style font.
  3. The last part was the easiest! Typing up everyone’s name under which table and printing those out. Deciding who to sit at each table? Not so much the easier task…
  4. I chose to print the table seating pages on kraft paper. I cut them out and used small clothespins to attach them to twine which I taped to the back of the wood piece. 

This project may sound time consuming, but I assure you, it did not take too long and it was so worth it in the end!

My lovely mom added the greens and burgundy flowers at the end to really give it the extra effect we wanted. I was ecstatic with how this turned out!

Dilley Wedding-0128.jpgView More: Wedding-0125.jpg

*All images taken by Maddie Broderick.
#madelinebroderickphoto #madelinebroderickphotography


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